A number of people have gotten envelopes with token to Flynn's Arcade and a USB flash drive in them. Flynn's Arcade was where Jeff Bridge's character worked in the movie Tron. The blindingly obvious conclusion is that this is some sort of marketing campaign for Tron2.

Either way, the flash drive contains a single animated gif file displaying scrolling HTML code but using odd characters instead of standard tags. Its probably a substitution code or a transposition. So far I've been able to find 4 different versions of the gif which I've collected here.

All of the files are numbered; 1.gif, 2.gif, 3.gif, etc... I also was only able to get a jpg compilation of the 3rd one. This is actually a lot easier to read.

Here are links to all of them:
3.gif Got the 3rd one!

As I find more I'll link them in here.

I don't know why I got this package. I'm not in the movie or comic community. I'm not even really blogger. The only thing I can think is that on HSX.com I've been holding tr2n stock long. Of course, it may have nothing to do with that. It may be entirely random. It may be a friend of mine hooking me up secretly. I don't know.

update: I think I have a semi valid translation of #3. If you assume the 5 letter group is a valid html tag the only one that makes sense there is 'TABLE' so starting with that we end up with

font-family: Arial;
font-size: 25;




        2,4 3,5 1,1 5,4 3,2
        4,1 1,4 3,3 1,2 5,2
I am also thinking that you need to overlay all of the images on top of each other using the background as a registration guide to get valid html.

Update: I just laid out all of the gifs in a row - you definately need to superimpose them to get valid html and I'm 95% sure the translation for #3 is correct. BTW: I know at the end its just going to say "Drink More Ovaltine"